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Conditioner is the second step to hair washing and the backbone of one’s hair-care routine. While shampoo is formulated mainly to clean off sweat and dead skin cells, conditioner served as a post-shampoo, no-brainer phase that softens and smooths the strands after shampoo. Moreover, it also protects hair shafts from damage.

There are chemicals in shampoos that are harsh on hair follicles. In addition, just washing your hair with shampoo is not enough as it makes your hair dry, dull, and hard to style. On the other hand, conditioners have fatty alcohols, oils, and humectants that make your hair flexible to style and soft to touch.

Some conditioners have protein to repair bind split ends temporarily; some have thickening agents to make your hair feel fuller. Different formulations offer different benefits, and we are going to elaborate on them in this blog.

So stay tuned!

1.    Conditioner Protect From Towel Damage

Yes, you read it right! Conditioner protects from towel damage. When our wet hair gets in touch with the towel, they become very vulnerable and rough. This dryness can cause breakage and damage to cuticles. Thus, using a hair conditioner beforehand helps to reduce the stress it experiences.

To be more precise, a silky bounce conditioner can give your hair a natural and fluffy look for all types of occasions and protect the strands from getting towel damage.

2.    Conditioner Is For All Types Of Hair

Whether you have oily roots or dry scalp, conditioner is to use for all hair types. A hair conditioner is one of the essential skincare products that keep your hair look healthy and vibrant.

Depending on the hair type, conditioners vary in formulas. They are specially designed to leave just enough agents behind for fine hair that keep the hair smooth without weighing it down. On the other hand, for oily hair types, lemon conditioner keeps the hair oil-free and fresh.

3.    Conditioner Repair Your Damaged Hair

Your head produces a natural conditioner called sebum, but it washes it away when you shampoo your hair. As an outcome, your hair gets dry and needs to be treated with conditioner as hair is frequently styled with hot tools, permed, and colors.

However, those who do not curl, straight, or blow-dry their hair can damage from pulling hair back in headbands, ponytails, or covering with a scarf. Over time this wear and tear can severely damage hair shafts and cause hair to become frizzy and dull. To avoid such a situation, you need a conditioner for long-lasting smoothness.

4.    Conditioners Have Natural Nutrients

Conditioners have a lot of natural nutrients needed to keep dry hair healthy. That’s why good-quality conditioners can reduce the amount of dryness in the hair and give it a shiny, smooth appearance.

After shampooing hair, most of the time, they dry out. Applying a conditioner specific to your hair type helps to replenish and rejuvenate the scalp. Additionally, the conditioner should be left on for a few minutes to derive complete nourishment.

In A Nutshell

There are several kinds of conditioners available in the market. But it's best to select the one that suits your hair type.

Tailor a conditioner yourself as your personal needs or try natural skincare products of Skinsation Naturally.