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Simple Shower Routine For Glowing Skin

Wearing makeup daily and not cleaning your skin with a proper method can be harmful to the skin. Without a doubt, our skins go through a lot. And it wouldn't be fair if we ignore taking care of it. Dust, pollution, and poor diet are only the add-ons that damage our skin. While some of us may pay attention to face care or hair care, following a good shower routine is equally essential. It not only about using an expensive soap or a scented body wash. It is about using the right products.

Organic products are the best for every skin type. We suggest you look at Skinsation Naturally's fantastic quality skincare collection of soaps, shampoos, and so much more.

Let's talk about the shower routine that can leave your skin fresh, soft, and supple all day long:

Start With Makeup

After an entire hectic day, the first thing you should do is take off your makeup. Instead of directly running into the shower, take those multiple layers off and give your skin some room to breathe. Don't forget to be gentle with the eyes, as too much scrubbing can irritate. Washing makeup off before washing the face helps in deep cleaning the skin, primarily if you use a bit aggressive products such as waterproof mascaras.

You can apply cleansing water to remove dirt, clear pores, and balancing your skin tone.

Maintain A Balanced Temperature

You may love taking a hot shower or maybe an intensely cool one if it is summer. But shifting to a temperature that is balanced and mild can be ideal for you. We all know a hot shower feels like magic during winters. But the downside is, your skin can run extremely dry and may also lead to irritation as it does strip your skin of the natural oils. The ideal is lukewarm water that works amazingly without even drying your skin. The same goes for your face skin as well. Moreover, with the right products such as avocado soap, oatmeal honey bath bomb, and shea butter shampoo bar, your skin will feel even more refreshed. 

Apply A Cleansing Oil

Do you usually take night showers?

A good trick to follow for your skin is to apply a cleansing oil before you step in to take a shower. It will help in removing the stubborn residue of makeup and the accumulated dirt. But don't forget to give some time to the oil on your skin

Hair First, Face Second

Naturally, the oils and products from our hair drip down to our face while we are taking a shower. And you wouldn't want anything to stay on your face that can affect it and result in breakouts. Therefore, don't forget to make washing your face the last step after every shower. It will protect your skin from getting clogged. If you are looking for quality shampoo products, you can go for a violet shampoo bar or a ylang ylang conditioner bar.

Give Attention To Scalp

The scalp is also a vital part that needs proper attention too. When taking a shower, it is best to use a scalp scrub to eliminate impurities or oil buildup from the scalp. It will not only leave your scalp clean, but it is better for the health of your hair too.

Keep It Short

If you are taking too much time while taking showers, you are not doing yourself any favors. A fifteen minutes shower is sufficient. The longer you stay in, the greater are the chances for your skin to run dry and lose its natural oils.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

We cannot emphasize enough the significance of moisturizing. When you are done with the shower, just as you do it with your face, you should moisturize your body as well. However, you need to ensure that the skin is damp while you apply a body lotion. If your skin is wet, it will trap the moisture and leave your skin feeling heavenly and invigorated.


Although implementing the proper shower routine is highly essential, it is also equally important to use the right products for your skin. For which you need to understand your skin type. Beautify your skin and give yourself the care you deserve for healthy, glowing skin.